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Betta is a genus of "Siamese" fish that is a widespread fish in Vietnam. There are also other names such as lia, fish, fighting fish, this variety of colors, and good fight. Here are some tips to keep your betta healthy, beautiful colors and good fighting. Please give some sense of fish before, fish fighting the nature of blood from the baby, if you lose once it will know fear, size + health + age + instinct + exercise will create a true warrior the Betta is a genus of Siamese Betta, commonly called Betta splendens, Betta imbellis, Betta mahachaiensis, Betta smaragdina; mostly used to refer to B. splendens. They also have names like Siamese catfish, Siamese catfish. The name of this genus is derived from the ikan bettah (a local language of Malaysia). Siamese is one of the most popular freshwater ornamental fish species of the Osphronemidae family, the Perciformes. Siamese Betta is a long-standing Betta in Thailand and then spread throughout the world. There are four wild Betta species in Thailand, the Malay Peninsula and Kampuchea, with their local names pla-kad, ikan bettah and trey krem, which have a blood relation to the Siamese Betta Betta splendens, Betta imbellis, Betta mahachaiensis and Betta smaragdina. Thus, Siamese fighting fish are hybrids (the English name also speaks of its origin: Siamese fighting fish). Adults mature about 6 cm long (some varieties 8 cm long). The giant bettas are longer than 8 cm long. Known as a colorful ornamental fish with finely flowing fins, the natural color of wild Siamese fish is only dull green and brown, in addition to fish fins. Relatively short wildlife. However, due to their hybridization, they are more colorful and longer finned. Examples are Siamese Veiltail, Delta, Superdelta, Halfmoon.    
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