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When deciding to ask custom writing services for help, a lot of people type in keywords like “cheap custom essays”. I understand the desire to save as much as possible, at the same time get the most quality writing. But before choosing cheap custom writing services, try to look deeper into the problem – what is the real reason for giving cheap prices? Real online assignment writing is a business, and any business will find an opportunity to gain profit. If you think critically, you will understand that there are no charity writing services that pay for your essays from their own pocket. If you find cheap custom writing services, this means that they found a way to save on something else, like quality of writing, reselling your custom written essays, plagiarized work, before offering you smaller prices. Usually the biggest reason is poor quality of writing. It means that writers that work for the company are not as experienced and professional, as it is stated in the profile. These essay writers usually save efforts on writing by copying parts of earlier submitted essays into the custom essay ordered by you. The outcome is evident: you pay $ 9.00 per page (thinking that it is a smart decision), they make a poor job, and your professor accuses you of committing an academic fraud. In the end it all becomes even more expensive than you actually thought. Another example of poor job is missing deadlines. Unfortunately, some companies are aware of the fact that their writers are not consistent of completing the papers on time. So what they do is lower the prices to attract customers, instead of hiring new and more professional writers. Do you really need that custom assignment if it comes ten days later than you actually counted on it? Note, that there is usually no refund. The best they can say is “we are sorry for causing you troubles”. I do not push you to use expensive services. In fact, they have their reasons for charging you with high prices (way too high). All I am saying is you should make a thorough evaluation and choose those services that stick to the golden middle. Of course, $10.45 per page for a custom essay paper sounds less attractive than $9.00, but it is definitely safer. provides on the spot assignment writing services to students all over the globe! We write papers on any topic, any difficulty level!
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