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The Global Village is a theme park located in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai (official website of the event: The park is open seasonly through the fall and winter. This year’s opening day is November 1, 2017 and the season will run until April 7, 2018. The majority of the park is comprised of 30 pavilions each representing a specific country or continent. The pavilions are filled with stores selling typical products from the represented region. There is also a stage in each where shows of traditional song and dance are constantly performed. People from around the world visit Global Village every year. Last season close to 6 million people came through the gates over the course of the season. The heaviest concentration of visitors came from neighboring countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the other Emirates. Learning about the potential success of Global Village for retailers, two years ago Paula Maiolino Ramos and her husband, Matthew Bassuener took their company, Boboteca Global Retail Inc., to Dubai. Paula is a Brazilian from the interior of Sao Paolo. Shortly after she earned her degree in Marketing in Brazil, she met Matthew, an American whose was in Brazil at the time coaching and playing American football. Together with an entrepreneurial mindset from the beginning, the couple moved to Australia in search of new opportunities. Before long they found themselves developing a product together: The Wacky Whistle! It is a whistle that stays hidden on the roof of the mouth that is capable of making an amazing array of crazy sound effects and animal noises. While the initial intention was only to sell the whistles as a hobby, it became a big success. After a few years, Paulinha and Matt went to live in Hawaii and selling Wacky Whistles became their full-time business there. In 2015, Matt decided to test the market in Dubai and Global Village. In that first year, he and Paula went alone with the whistles and ended up opening two shops: one in the Americas Pavilion and the other in the European Pavilion. After what can only be described as an absolute success in season 1, in the 2016 they returned and increased their investment to include two new product lines: Mermaid Blankets, and Sound-Activated LED light t-shirts. With a team of 4 Brazilians in addition to the couple, they all went to Dubai and realized sales successes far beyond even than the year before. I, Fernanda Cristina, was part of that team and I will be again in the next season. Now for the 2017/2018 Global Village season, Matt and Paulinha will continue expanding their business and will increase to 10 stores. To continue to improve on the past successes we are choosing an international team (of salespeople (Brazilians and Europeans) to come along with us this season. If you love sales and are willing to work hard we have an offer for you! We need people with experience in retail, fluent English, and bubbly energetic attitudes. Additionally it’s important to have a valid passport with an expiration no less than a year away. The company will take care of round trip airfare and the costs of the employment visa. Departure is planned for the last week of October and the return will be during the second full week of April. The employment visa will come directly from Global Village, which acts as the legal Sponsor, as the event itself is directly tied to the government of Dubai. Housing is also taken care of by the company. The sales team will stay in an apartment or villa near the park, in shared rooms. Transportation to and from the event each day will also be provided. The work schedule is 6 days on with 1 day off each week. The park is open from 4:00pm to 12:00am on week days and 4:00pm to 1:00am on weekends (Thursday and Friday is the traditional weekend in the Emirates). Payments are made Cash on Hand, every 15 days, in Dirhams (UAE currency) (the exchange rate is pegged to the US Dollar. $1 = 3.67 AED). The payment system includes a small base salary and a generous commission schedule. Salespeople can expect to earn between 4 and 8 thousand dirhams per month (knowing that in the best months I managed to earn 12000 AED, and no one on the staff last season averaged lower than 5000 AED per month over the course of the season). Everything will depend on your willingness and desire to reach sales goals and targets. Selling in Dubai is easy! With focus and determination you can make a lot of money. In addition, the company offers prizes of money, tours and experiences for reaching goals throughout the season. Working in Dubai is a unique experience that surely will help you grow not only professionally but also personally. Now is your opportunity to earn good money in another country. We don’t believe in easy money. We believe in people with a willingness work, learn, and overcome obstacles. If you see our pre-requisites we have a lot to talk about. How about it? Enter in contact by email or telephone/whatsapp
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