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How to make a proper plan for writing an essay

In order to write a proper essay, fully disclose the topic, present the specific facts of the statement, you need to first make a detailed plan for the social studies essay, which consists of 7 important points.
  • Choosing a quote. To choose a quotation, you need to be confident in your knowledge of the basic science, and have a concept of the chosen topic.
  • Relevance of the problem. You need to clearly articulate the problem, indicate its formation, aggravation, development, globalization, overcoming, after which point out its relevance. Throughout the essay writing, the problem should be periodically returned to in order to fully and deeply disclose it, observing certain limits, as you can long and excitement immerse yourself in reasoning.
  • The meaning of the statement. To reveal the full meaning of the topic, you don't need to mention the utterance verbatim; they can be replaced by: "the essence of such a statement implies...", "call your attention to...", "the author is convinced of...".
  • Argumentation of facts. Is study bay legit? You should define your position in the statement, or completely agree with the statement or argue, stating the opposite opinion.
  • Give some specific examples that prove your point of view and opinion are correct.
  • Argue facts on two levels. Theoretical fact involves revealing concepts, terms, thoughts, and their relationships; empirical fact involves using examples from literature or drawing on your own experience.
  • Formulation of the conclusion. Here it is necessary to summarize the above, to confirm the facts of the correctness of the statement or contradiction.
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