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Tonic Studios USA

Tonic Studios USA began operations on January 1, 2015, with one full-time employee. Tonic's American branch has since expanded to a 16-person team committed to distributing and selling high-quality artisan items to clients in North, Central, and South America, as well as beyond. Tonic Studios Ltd's US arm, situated in South Wales, UK, was founded to deliver the best of Tonic Studios to a US audience eager to advance their crafts with new tools, dies, and embellishments. We work hard every day to create items that excite and enable our consumers the ability to express themselves, no matter what their style is. Tonic USA is delighted to expand its presence in California, with a new 16,000 quare foot facility set to open in September 2019. At Tonic Studios, we understand that one of the most essential components of paper crafting for the consumer is having a product with a clean-cut and beautiful finish. This implies that it is the most critical characteristic for us to consider when creating our goods, from scissors and guillotines to paper punches and dies.
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