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Torrecid is a Globalized Multinational Business Group founded in 1963, dedicated to provide products, services, solutions and future trends to the Ceramic and Glass Sector. Torrecid Group is present in 26 countries around the world with customers in more than 120 countries. Its headquarters are located in Alcora - Castellón, in Spain.  


Torrecid Portugal, established in 1990, is the brand of Torrecid Group in Portugal and it was opened in a small pavilion with just over 500m².
In 1993 Torrecid Portugal bought an area of 35,000 m2 in the industrial area of  Oia where we built a pavilion of more than 7.000 m2 and became the headquarters of Torrecid Portugal.
In 2005 the Torrecid Group acquired the German group REIMBOLD & STRICK/CCT, and with this, the Portuguese subsidiary CCT Portugal was incorporated to the structure of Torrecid Portugal.
Our customers always find specialized and innovative solutions to each of their needs, in Torrecid Portugal. We believe that our vision is the differentiation from the competition, and innovation is the mean to generate new solutions and future trends, providing the greatest competitive advantages and added value.
Torrecid Portugal offers a wide range of products and services, having as objective to offer a complete solution to its customers in various sectors:
• Flooring and Coating ;
• Digital Technology - INKCID the SOLUTION;
• Third Firing;
• Technical Ceramics;
• Porcelain, Decorative and utilitarian tableware;
• Flat Glass, Hollow Glass
• Paints;
• Plastic;
• Hobby;
• Fixing systems (tile and stone) .
The range of products of Torrecid Portugal, adapts to all the known ceramic processes, and there is a Department of (I + D) + i in which new processes are investigated as well as new products.
The team of TORRECID Portugal consists on a young and dynamic group that aims to give every customer who collaborates with, innovative and future solutions.
STYLE-CID is the way that the employees of TORRECID think and act. A proper, original, unique and totally different style. The way we feel ceramics, allows us to offer our customers, timeless, universal, unique and customized products. Thus, we trace goals, seek solutions and present customized design and trends projects, using the last technology, because we believe that every customer is unique and has specific needs.
From Torrecid Portugal, we anticipate with flexibility and promptitude to our customer´s needs, to better understand the whole reality of their business and the markets in which they operate.
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