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Trading Timber

Many years of experience in wood trading allow TradingTimber to bring together a large group of people with extensive knowledge of the timber market. Present in different continents TradingTimber provides: Large experience and knowledge in wood trading; Specialized people close to the product source; Customers dealt with on a personal basis; Ability to launch highest quality products; Large experience in wood shipping. Changes in the global economy arose the need to reframe the entire negotiating format, and TradingTimber now makes use of the Information Technologies to expand commercial relationships. Our mission is to streamline the marketing of timber, with a commitment to the quality of our products and services so that they meet customer needs, based on criteria of environmental responsibility, and social and economic returns. TradingTimber offers a wide range of high quality products with great focus on South America raw materials. There has been a growing investment on this continent, so TradingTimber has been training specialized staff with deep knowledge and expertise in sourcing, grading and preparing hardwood products. To ensure that the goods are delivered in the country of destination with the highest quality, TradingTimber needs to place specialized staff in the origin because the monitoring and quality control process of products right until shipping, plays a vital role in the export process.
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