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What is Poppy Dungeons?

This Poppy Dungeons game blends side-scrolling aspects with the universe of Poppy Playtime and shooting games in a way that no other game in this category has done before. Huggy Wuggy from Poppy Playtime games appears to have relocated his evil and haunting lair from the toy factory. Save the planet by shooting the Poppy hiding in the Dungeons! Image   You've previously faced him to the dungeons, which are even more underground and scary, but we're confident that armed with weapons and courage, you'll be able to take on the scary puppet and save the day, as you always do! Use the mouse to drag where you want to go on the screen, aiming and firing by clicking when they arrive, since otherwise they will attack you and kill you if your health bar is entirely depleted. Soldiers and other minions will stand in your way before you face Huggy, so take care of them first, and if you find any weapons, gear, or power-ups along the way, walk through them to acquire them. You'll also find coins, which you should gather because they can be used in the shop to purchase new skins and other valuable goods that will help you better deal with Huggy. Play Poppy Dungeons: https://poppyplaytimeonline.com/poppy-dungeons

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